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Turn all your car dreams into reality with Glassmans Custom Forum, no matter how wild they are!

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We have a highly qualified team with years of experience in this field. They can understand your car in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is to trust us!

Why Glassmans Custom Forum?

A good team, years of experience, dedication and quality are the reasons for why you have to choose us over others.

Friendly Service

We always believe that ‘Our client is the King’. We dare not to buy your offence and we promise that you can always enjoy our king-size services.


With years of experience we have been rendering quality automobile customisation services. We work with sincerity and dedication. Apart from all this you must be here to understand how we work and that will explain everything about us. 


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I feel great for being acquainted with Glassmans Custom Forum. I am proud of their services and dedication.

I have always wanted a car of my taste and with the talented team at Glassmans Custom Forum I was able to turn that into reality.

Glassmans Custom Forum is one place that you have visit for all your automobile requirements. There is no better place than this!


Types of Wood for Woodworking


Woodworking for beginners might seem difficult at first, but once you have the right materials, method, and design, you’re bound to create something unique and creative. That is why knowing different trees, and the wood they produce, is crucial before starting any project. You should also know what’s the benefits of working either with hardwood or softwood and whether it’s appropriate for the project at hand. Solid wood is a piece of wood that will make up the biggest piece of either the project or furniture, you’re making. You want to focus on choosing a wood that determines the strength and finishing of your art piece. The importance of sampling softwoods Softwoods are not necessarily weaker than hardwoods. They are decedents from coniferous trees, like fir, pine, and cedar. They…

The Best Woods for DIY Furniture

maxresdefault (4)

Choosing the right type of wood for your furniture is a key element of interior design. Authentic wood furniture is in high demand because of the durability it possesses, the resistance to scratches or damage, and exudes a natural beauty. As there are many different types of wood that one can use in furniture building. There are many online guidelines and blogs when it comes to choosing the right wood for specific DIY furniture. Without a professional’s expertise for advice, it might be extremely helpful to just read up on it a bit. Pine wood Pine is a softwood, which is not necessarily appropriate for all DIY furniture projects. It is, however, lightweight and is easy to use in any project. Though it is a preferred hardwood, it is prone…

How is Lumber Made?


The wood-work industry, to create products, is a billion-dollar industry. The industry doesn’t only produce lumber for construction purposes, but also fibreboard, paper-making, cardboard, rosin, plywood, textiles, and a variety of chemicals. Lumber is referred to different lengths of wood that is used as construction materials. These are usually cut lengthwise and are made from the trunks of trees. Lumber is usually cut in either square or rectangular shapes, instead of a round or oval shape. This is one way to tell lumber apart from other pieces of wood, as wood is used for many different things. Lumber can either used for surfacing or be made to produce specifically shaped lumber patterns, for decorative purposes. These can be utilized for flooring and shiplap siding. Using raw materials Lumber is usually…

Beginner Custom Woodworking Projects


As a beginner woodworker, you might find it daunting starting projects and use techniques you’ve never done before. Whether you’re a newbie or have a few projects under the belt, machines like the sawzall, palm sander, and miter saw will get you on the right track. Everybody starts somewhere, and usually, it doesn’t start off pretty. Be sure to keep a minimalistic style and start with the most basic of basic. The easiest woodworking projects include the following. Makers-kit woodcraft Starting a woodworking project can be as easy as purchasing a self-make kit that will allow you to easily craft a piece of art. Some companies send you a new kit monthly. These kits are all beginner-friendly. The wooden sofa-sleeve cup holder Imagine creating a woodworking project that entails putting…