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The Best Woods for DIY Furniture

Choosing the right type of wood for your furniture is a key element of interior design. Authentic wood furniture is in high demand because of the durability it possesses, the resistance to scratches or damage, and exudes a natural beauty.

As there are many different types of wood that one can use in furniture building. There are many online guidelines and blogs when it comes to choosing the right wood for specific DIY furniture. Without a professional’s expertise for advice, it might be extremely helpful to just read up on it a bit.

Pine wood

Pine is a softwood, which is not necessarily appropriate for all DIY furniture projects. It is, however, lightweight and is easy to use in any project. Though it is a preferred hardwood, it is prone to scratches and can be damaged easily. Not to fret. Just add a primer-coat and you’re good to go. Just remember to apply it before painting or staining it, as it tends to be rather pale in a natural state. If you’re looking for affordability, you’re in luck. Pine is one of the cheapest choices for DIY furniture.

Maple wood

Used as one of the most common hardwoods, especially for DIY wood-furniture, Maple wood is popular for its durability and strength. By using maple, you could create the most beautiful furniture for your bedroom. It is resistant to moisture and contains unique swirls, which makes it quite unique. It adjusts well to both paint and stains.


Cedar is perfect for learning how to build your own furniture. Especially for those outdoor spaces. It is a softer wood that is highly resistant to deterioration. It is also a softer wood, has warmer tones than most, and is red-brown in color. It has a light grain and allows you to paint well with ease.


As another perfect option for building furniture, it is considered one of the best lumber choices. It has a top spot on the list as best wooden material for both strength and beauty. Oak-made furniture can have either a reddish, green, or pink tint. It stains and paints easily and has an open wood grain. It is extremely durable and popular. It is also one of the most expensive wooden materials.


As another popular selection, Cherry wood can be used for a variety of wood-furniture. It is mostly recommended for interior furniture but can also be used outside. It is a true, resistant and difficult to work with wood. It has a noticeable grain and is available in a deep red hue.

Depending on the type of woodwork project you’re working on, finding the right piece of wood could make or break your project. To create a beautiful piece, refer to the mentioned woods. They’re preferred above most.

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