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Beginner Custom Woodworking Projects

As a beginner woodworker, you might find it daunting starting projects and use techniques you’ve never done before. Whether you’re a newbie or have a few projects under the belt, machines like the sawzall, palm sander, and miter saw will get you on the right track. Everybody starts somewhere, and usually, it doesn’t start off pretty.

Be sure to keep a minimalistic style and start with the most basic of basic. The easiest woodworking projects include the following.

  • Makers-kit woodcraft

Starting a woodworking project can be as easy as purchasing a self-make kit that will allow you to easily craft a piece of art. Some companies send you a new kit monthly. These kits are all beginner-friendly.

  • The wooden sofa-sleeve cup holder

Imagine creating a woodworking project that entails putting three individual pieces of wood together and cutting a hole in it. It’s so easy, a kid could do it. Non-recommend though.

  • Rustic Candle Holder

A candle holder on horseshoes? How creative. Yes, it’s considered a woodworking project. This candle holder is easy to make and will add all the charm your home needs.

  • An address number wall planter

A what… You heard right. This DIY project creates a creative opportunity to add a little something new to your home. The result? A massive appeal to your home. In fact, it might be the edge you’re looking for in making your neighbors a little jealous.

  • The simple pallet-shelf

For an easy, creative and incredible looking starting project, creating the pallet-shelf is the perfect first for you. It costs next to nothing to make and looks expensive. All you need is a few pallets and a glue gun. You might want to indulge in accessories, but if not and you enjoy the simplicity of wood by itself, no need for the extras.

  • A wooden iPad Dock

Creativity to a whole new ‘digital’ level and guess what, it only requires one piece of wood. All you have to do it create a smooth surface with the wood, varnish it and create an appropriate-sized dent from one end to the other, that will support the placement of your iPad.

  • A wooden USB-drive

To create this little and intricate piece, you’ll need a perfectly sized piece of wood, some glue and a lot of patience.

  • Little boxes for… things.

As a good a start if you’re a beginner, these simple boxes must be some of the easiest projects to put together. Overall, it will teach you basic forms. It will provide you with knowledge about engineering and set a foundation to do even more difficult projects.

The best-given advice when showing an interest in woodwork projects is, start small. Though creating something as simple as a box or a mug-coaster, it’s fun and will help you increase your skill. You’ll be making the most difficult of projects in no time.

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